EnGroup presents you fire safety systems, which are an integral set of engineering structures and devices that allow you to control the state of objects and ensure timely detection of a fire source, its immediate extinguishing and safe evacuation of people from a building. Implementing projects for the implementation of a fire safety system, the EnGroup company ensures that facilities are equipped with integrated fire safety systems, which are the most effective means of fighting fires.

The proposed solutions for fire safety systems include:

1) Fire alarm subsystem;

2) Warning and evacuation control subsystem in case of fire;

3) Water fire extinguishing subsystem;

4) Gas fire extinguishing subsystem;

5) Powder fire extinguishing subsystem;

6) Subsystem for collecting and processing information.

The advantages of implementing EnGroup fire safety systems are:

1) Detection of a fire source at its initial stage of development;

2) Reduction of system maintenance costs due to complex administration;

3) A single complex of hardware and software and fire protection systems with pre-installed control algorithms;

4) A single intuitive management interface;

5) Ensuring fire safety of people and material values ​​at the same time.